3 : 2
a series of small object-sculptures made out of found snapshots.

The title “3 : 2” stands for the most common aspect ratio in photography that are used in the standard photographic print size, such as 6 x 4 inch (10x15cm) and postcards, a single frame in 35 mm film (36x24mm) and digital single-lens reflex camera (DSLR) sensors.

The series mostly consists of three-dimensional work, or object-sculptures, all made of found snapshot photographs. In the process, hundreds of actual snapshot photographs are collected, then reassembled by intuition and geometric play. Applying the aspect ratio and other readymade formats, I explore different outcomes within the scale of consumer photographs.

The aim of my practice is to examine what it once meant to grasp a photograph - to possess it, to contemplate it, to share it and to preserve it - in the vast and somewhat chaotic flow of digital images in today’s culture. By eliminating photographic information from snapshots, I attempt to clarify the fragility of our temporal existence that we strive to see it as a lasting reality in the means of photographs.